How  AUNT HOLLY  Got Started

In the late 90's Holly Little ask her husband Larry if he would take a look at her tin cookie cutter collection. Then she wanted to know if he thought there was any way that he could make cutters from copper.

After a few days of evaluation and experamentation he developed a procedure to hand craft the cutters she wanted from pure 16 ounce copper.

Friends and family started requesting cutters from Holly and Larry and they were encouraged to think about offering the copper cookie cutters to others.

Most of Holly's family and friends know her as Aunt Holly so why not ?

With a great deal of help from the same friends and family Larry and Holly created the first AUNT HOLLY Copper Cookie Cutter website in the early 2000's.

The exceptional quality of their hand crafting was recognized by contemporary artist Alan McCollum and resulted in a showing of 288 custom hand crafted cutters in New York City.

The PBS program Art in the 21st Century posted an interview with Holly and Larry on YouTube discussing Aunt Holly's art gallery showing with Alan McCollum's "Shapes from Maine" collaboration.  This interview also discusses and demonstrates the procedures used in the hand crafting of the copper cookie cutters.

The website orders have steadily growin every year due to the attention to detail wich results in a premium quality product and great customer service.